If you can no longer make your appointment, please give at least 24-hours notice. To protect our team from cancellations within 24-hours of the reservation and No-Shows, we require payment of half the service cost at time of booking.

Please be respectful to other clients and the salon staff by rescheduling if you are sick.


We ask everyone to arrive with a mask and to wait by our entrances to be let in. We will take your temperature/sanitize your hands upon arrival. Only those receiving a service can be inside. Please leave as many personal items in your vehicle as possible.


​2102 Smallwood Drive Raleigh 27605

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Roi Parker Salon,

an internationally recognized and accomplished company, brings personalization and sophistication to Cameron Village. Filled with phenomenally skilled hair stylists from around the country, we aim to bring our expertise of hair to you.

Established in 2014, we aspire to serve Raleigh's prestigious community. Our staff strives for excellence by attending national and international hair shows or classes to continue education. As stylists, we believe it is our duty to seek further education for ourselves and to extend that to others. Taking opportunities to grow in leadership and skill, we often lead classes and meetings with other artists within the industry. We bring our vast knowledge of all things hair to you in our studio location, styled with class and finesse that reflects us and yourself. 

We want you to get everything out of your appointment and more. We believe in clear and precise communication to provide you with an excellent experience in our chair. All appointments come with in-depth consultations, whether it is your first time or tenth with us. We make great efforts to get your service right, every time.